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A business is more than just goods and services being traded, it’s about the people that inhabit it, the growth one can have, and to professionally develop a career they can be proud of. Yet the Harvard Business Review found in a survey to 1500 managers, that despite sending staff to various training programs, over 75% of employers were dissatisfied with the Learning & Development programs (both internal and external), with only 12% of employees reporting using newly acquired training in their workplace. Our founder, Nasim Chowdhury, believes that education whilst is important in professional career development and up skilling employees, people can learn the wrong things, in the wrong area, at the wrong time if managed poorly.
He set up Allianze Corporate Training Services Sdn. Bhd. in order to partner with business organizations in supporting their Human Development initiatives, by enabling employees to improve their skills through a unique learning experience. The agile workplace is leaving loyal staff behind, with even new graduates struggling with outdated skills the moment they enter the workforce. At ACTS ASIA, we believe that on-the-job education is the answer, to best prepare employees for the next industrial revolution. Sourcing credible experts globally with the right accreditation, ACTS ASIA is committed to providing the best ROI for companies’ money, and the employee’s precious time.

Giving people a chance to be better at their jobs raises their morale and confidence, giving them the inspiration to tackle the new challenges ahead. And as Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Company, famously quoted: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Founded in December 2018, Allianze Corporate Training Services Sdn. Bhd. was created to implement the Founder’s, Nasim Chowdhury, own personal point of view in human capital development. Throughout his years of working and business experiences in the past, he came into a realization that employee learning and development is still one of the undermost things on the priority list of most corporations, yet employers report a significant increase in productivity and morale once trained. This fact is contradictory to his idea, which believes that in order for organizations to operate successfully, they need to ensure their employees perform at their best capability. This viewpoint was quickly turned into a business devoir after his visit to Malaysia a year ago when he found out that the country is really committed to change the landscape of its millions of workforces in striving to become developed a nation. He saw this as an opportunity to assist organizations in striving to embrace the future with their employees in hand, instead of outsourcing the work to someone else.





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Allianze will focus on providing professional training programs to corporations from various industries. It also plans to expand its business growth by adding consultancy and events networking services in achieving its objective to be a one set human capital development platform.

Subsequently, the firm is establishing a strong team with various background and expertise in order to reach out its potential target market starting with organizations in Malaysia to a wider segment which are countries in South East Asia and other nearby regions. These team members will operate all the business operations from Malaysia office to ensure the goal is accomplished.

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